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I recommend this book:

” The Anatomy of Change, A Way to Move Through Life’s Transitions”, by Richard Strozzie Heckler. I was first introduced to this book in the first semester of massage school. What I really enjoyed about this book is awareness of oneself can bring about true healing. When you add on a healing modality such asContinue reading “I recommend this book:”

Massage Reduces Frequency of Chronic Tension Type Headaches

Massage therapy applied to the anterior neck, jaw and cranial muscles in addition to the shoulder, posterior neck and occiput muscles resulted in a significant decreasein headache frequency, among other benefits, for women diagnosed with chronictension type headaches (CTTH), according to a recent case series. THE CASE SERIES, ‚ÄúRemedial Massage Therapy Interventions Including and ExcludingContinue reading “Massage Reduces Frequency of Chronic Tension Type Headaches”