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I recommend this book:

” The Anatomy of Change, A Way to Move Through Life’s Transitions”, by Richard Strozzie Heckler. I was first introduced to this book in the first semester of massage school. What I really enjoyed about this book is awareness of oneself can bring about true healing. When you add on a healing modality such as massage or Reiki, then its like the double punch revival to your spirit, soul!

In his intro he wants to re-introduce us to the wisdom of our bodies! Oh how so many have forgotten how truly magnificent we are! We live in a world where most things are now preset work, school, eat, sleep, maybe workout, maybe socialize. Do you ever feel like your in the movie Groundhog day? Social media outlets do add benefits but they also serve as distractions to the self, keeping our minds and actions focused on things that might be non productive or even dangerous. The sadness is that most people want to be distracted. We no longer have to look inside to try to understand the marvel of the being, our vessels of pure energy that walk the planet. What Heckler stresses in his book is how to look inside to the wisdom that is in you, and is you, to bring that forward into your awareness.

” Once we have recognized our conditioned tendency, we can expand this insight by experiencing ourselves as being involved in a bodily and energetic process, which is the rhythm of excitement. This rhythm is the basic energetic process that touches us in each moment of our lives. To experience this rhythm is the next step in moving toward living in our body.” Richard Heckler

When I first read the above quote I was so moved that I was brought to tears! Where is the excitement that I once had to be me? Did I ever feel it? I wanted it, needed it to be tangible. This really was a critical piece for my massage practice. To be in tune with myself allows me to help other people recognize that they have the ability to tune into themselves. I am just a vessel of energy as are you, but we are so powerful and so beautiful. It is a lifelong process but everyday I breathe with more graciousness and thankfulness. I also have suffered from clinical depression since childhood and as an adult I am able to better cope with my thoughts and emotion by taking the time to really see my wisdom. Take a chance and read the book! It is well worth it!

In love and light!


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Massage therapist, reiki practitioner

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