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The Cardinal

There is a cardinal outside of my house, right across the road in a series of pine trees. I was SO excited to discover this as earlier this week. Up till this point I have been lost in the small groups of goldfinches, that love to play in the purple flowers along the road up from my yards. I think I have identified the plants as chicory but I am still investigating this. So it was just my good fortune that I noticed a red figure moving in and out of the sumac trees across my road. There he was clear as the first evening star, a cardinal. It has been long since I have gazed upon one, so brilliant its red color that you get lost in it. I watched it hop from branch to branch all the time exclaiming to my very lazy pooch that there was a cardinal across the road. He didn’t care much but I knew that this was a sign of things. But what exactly?

The cardinal is known for representing celebration, hope, health and joy. WOW! All those positive things in one little vivacious bird! Some other representations of seeing one is confidence, balance, spiritual connection, and visits/ messages from other world. An example, if one has been requesting guidance from the universe the cardinals sighting is a positive sign that the spirit hears you. No wonder I get so happy whenever I see one. I was taught by my mentor that the cardinal is indeed a messenger from the spirits. If one is to see one and have one hang around for a bit, there was something I need to hear, see, touch or do. The bird species is known for being a seer and messenger. I used to see them quite a bit in a different location I was living where it was very rural with little human disturbance. Now I am in a place where human interaction is by the second, so how blessed I am to have a sighting of the cardinal.

I have been of late calling upon the universal energy to help me give away the things not serving me. I have also been asking for guidance in matters that I do not understand and also for clarity of my own being. The cardinal has let me know the universe is listening and I will continue to be open about what I receive.

If one has a cardinal show up in dreams, it could me that one is beginning to be true to oneself. It might be time to stop living under a pretense of someone that is not and open up to who one truly is, accepting this and embracing the true self.

I am so thankful and grateful in abundance at the gifts that are provided everyday. By slowing down and being aware not only of ourselves but the signs around us we support the circle of energy all around us, in us and beyond us.

In love and light,


Published by slowturtle

Massage therapist, reiki practitioner

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