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Good afternoon glorious beings. I greet you with all the love and light I can, from the universe, from my heart. What a year 2020 was. There were so many different things happening not only on an earthly plain but on the many spiritual plains as well. If you felt the many shifts my heart and spirit is with you. My soul was rocked to the core as the masses of human hearts collided with fear, dread and hopelessness. Through this time my own family was affected physically and I scrambled every day to find the clarity and the love I so desired to give and feel. Feeling utterly crazy, I turned to guided meditation as I so often do, to lead me in the way I can remain in my body.

Have you ever caught your breath, maybe a quickened one, only to realize your breathing? One of my most revealing moments came from my years as a personal trainer. I had to teach clients HOW to breathe. Some were amazed to FEEL the breath, the living spirit inside of themselves, some were stunned they never paid attention to the very thing keeping them alive. Everything becomes so automatic in this physical plane we don’t even know HOW to breathe. We don’t remember HOW to feel our body, our heartbeat, our words leaving our throats. What some of us DO know how to do is be without being. Human creatures have lost sense of self in the most literal way.

I started to breathe intentionally , with purpose, to restore the energies that had left my body and to feel me again. I took up some somatic practices that help realign my energies with myself and although not everything was a welcomed feeling, it was healing. One thing we can do as earthly dwellers is focus on intentional breathing. Notice all the sparks, tingles and vibrations in your body as you do! Do you feel the top of your head, your chapped lips, your fingertips? Do you feel your heart beat throughout your body, reminding you of the core of being? There are many guided meditations and prayers that can help restore your being and guide you into a place of positive intention and love personified. Taking up yoga even if for five minutes a day can help ground and relax the spirit. Seek out the nurturing energies of a Reiki guide, massage therapist, can also help restore your intentions, put you back in your body and guide you to self healing.

2021 is the year of the energy warriors. We are a group of love, supported by the universe, guided by our hearts to bring awareness and promote self healing to every living thing. I stand up and cry thanks to the spirits around me, below and above me for such an honor. Remember it is a simple as taking a breathe. Please reach out to me if you desire a distance Reiki session and feel so inclined to reach me.

With Love and Light


Published by slowturtle

Massage therapist, reiki practitioner

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