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So I went on vacation..

There is one title I do not get tired of writing or experiencing. During this troubled time where the world is in disharmony and emotional chaos, I needed to take a vacation.

I put down the phone and the laptop and I opened my eyes, my ears, my heart. I sat, in mental silence, tapping into all the senses that I have ignored or pushed away for a longtime. I sat with myself and realized there was so much about me I have not discovered yet, or grown to love yet. I was calm, serene, with a pretty big smile on my face most of the time. Although I consider myself a pretty positive person, life certainly has been a test lately.

The thing I noticed the most was that I did not mind being still with no obligation. I could watch with my eyes wide open to all that played out in front of me. I saw plenty of dragonflies dancing throughout the scene and there was also a cardinal on my last day there. I smelled everything from the stench of rotting fish, to the lovely beach roses that surrounded us. It was if I had indeed taken a vacation from all that was consuming me.

I took a vacation from the anger, frustration, sadness, hopelessness, despair that had been so present since I received my attunements. I sat with the emotions and watched them enter and flow like the ocean that I was next to for seven days. Each passing of the wind got easier to just…let go. I made sense of some of these and treated them with the respect that they deserved before saying farewell. I made some definite decisions about where to proceed in my path next in order to achieve harmony in my own world. Oh how I wanted to stay in that place with no worry, no doubts.

Upon returning to the world I reside in most of the time I almost felt lost. So I plugged in the sounds of the ocean and the wind. I reconnected the senses to what had inspired me in the first place to take a vacation. Personal growth is not always neat. It can get very messy before true understanding emerges. Every day is a new opportunity to renew our faith in the universal energy that surrounds us. Have trust that what we put it, comes back as love and beauty.

I recommend taking a vacation…

In love and light,


Published by slowturtle

Massage therapist, reiki practitioner

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