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Daily Meditation

Good evening. I hope that my words meet good feelings and the end of a nice day for all. I wanted to share my meditation experience for those who might be interested. I also encourage others to share theirs if they would like to. I find that when I share I not only learn more about the experience but also learn much by the feedback of others.

In constantly striving to tune in to my higher self and intuition, I have focused in on daily meditation that is guided to do just that. I have found a wonderful one on You Tube from New Meditation Music that was designed to meet my higher self. It was about 58 minutes and took me to a beautiful place in my mind. I was so deeply relaxed that I followed all of the guidance without straying mentally once, this being a huge accomplishment to me. Over the course of my Reiki study and eventual attunements, I have to say that I was a little worried that I would not be opened to the universal guidance that I longed to be in touch with. I was focusing in on releasing all that was not serving me. I am not sure about you but this was like the metaphorical onion layers being peeled one at a time. I was not aware how disconnected I was from myself, as a matter of fact I didn’t even really know who I was at that point. Discovering that most of the things I considered a hobby were only things other people really enjoyed. So I would mimic them and take these things as my own. Peeling back that layer I realized I had really little knowledge of my own being, my own self. Most things I carried inside I had collected like stamps, only sadly very little value was attached to these things for me. As I cleaned out the closet of my programmed self I am discovering that I spent so much time running away from the things that make me who I truly am.

The meditation was a truly beautiful, powerful experience. Upon seeing my higher self appear, the bright light of gold took the shape of a beautiful female, with long red hair and green eyes. She wore all white, not quite lace but light and airy. There was a breeze that was constantly blowing around her and through her, and her curly hair moved with the breeze like they were one. Now anyone that knows me truly, knows I love the wind!! The smell, the feel, the touch and the stories. <sigh> It makes me happy just writing these words. My guide was there with me, he showed up beside me as I introduced myself to myself. He held my hand, like he so often does, and the first thing out of my mouth after introduction was how much I loved her. Then I threw myself upon her and we embraced, all the time I was expressing to my higher self how happy I was. My entire body felt as if on fire, but cool and collected as we sat and I served tea. The room we were in was off a room that housed a collection of photos of my past lives. The only one I recognized was my photo as a samurai warrior. I did not doubt who she was or that this meeting needed no more words. I did express to her without speaking that I needed the fear to go and the love to flow. Did I mention how heavy my body felt, my physical body? Yet in the room with her I felt like the wind. She continued to grab my hands and look directly through me, like a confirmation she understood what I need and is prepared to connect to make it happen. I left knowing that I can enter that space anytime I need and that she would be there ready to hold my hand. I need not fear, only be.

Just for today, I will not worry.

I have come away from this really feeling grounded like my feet grew roots. I followed up with a Reiki self treatment and then the day could be what it would be. Its not always hearts and flowers, there are so many deep emotional waters that flow sometimes disrupting the harmony that I have established. But I am learning to watch it flow and let it be released so the universe can use it more productively than I can. I am truly grateful. Again I welcome any to share experiences.

In Love and Light,


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Massage therapist, reiki practitioner

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