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A Call to the Circle


I am back or here, maybe I never really left! What a world, what a year, what a time for all the love and peaceful energy we can muster to ignite the world! Up to this point I have been sitting with so many things and watching them come to the surface and release. Change can be overwhelming.

Last year I embarked on a journey I felt I needed to take, one that would bring me to many different fields of my spirit and heart. Some places I had been before and had left quickly. Some I had just met again and it was a real crossroad of deciding what I needed to do, rather what I wanted to do. Being a retail pharmacy manager had taken a pretty big toll on my mental and physical space. I needed to be recharged and excited again. So I invested a small sum of money that ended up being the best thing that I ever did, besides housing my two children in my womb. I took a massage therapy certification course and immersed myself in energy work. That started my energy path. I have made it so far as to having to re-enroll for the course this September, I am not complaining, and have received my reiki master attunements.

I am reaching out to all like spirited and hearted ones to pull to my circle of support during these times! I long for connection and peaceful, loving guidance and harmony. This world is in such need of all these things, and it seems to me there are more energy workers than ever on the planet at this time. Will you join me?

In love and light






Published by slowturtle

Massage therapist, reiki practitioner

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